Types of Scripts

HypnoBirthing® scripts are usually written to appeal to one or more of the three learning types: Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic.  If you take the HypnoBirthing class, chances are your instructor will administer a short quiz to help you determine what your learning type is.  (If your instructor doesn’t do this, you can find information and quizzes to find out what type of learner you are.)  Visual learners generally respond best to seeing and reading, auditory to listening and speaking, and kinesthetic to touching and doing.

As you begin to experiment with different scripts, look for ones that appeal to your learning type.  If you can’t seem to find one, ask your instructor–they have many scripts available and usually just pick a few to give to the class.  You could even write your own scripts, using words and images that appeal most to your learning type.

Visual learners will want to look for scripts containing words and phrases that describe how things look.  Colors, textures, and words like “see,” “look,” and “notice” will appeal most to you.  The rainbow relaxation script is excellent for visual learners because it describes all the colors of the rainbow.  Visual learners will be able to paint a vivid picture in their minds, allowing their body to sink deeply into relaxation while their mind takes a colorful journey.

Auditory learners should look for scripts that use words and phrases describing how things sound.  Look for scripts that talk about the sounds of nature–birds, rushing water, the sound of grass underneath your feet, etc.  Also, try to find scripts (or write your own) that suggest sounds that are relaxing to you, such as waves on the sand.  Auditory learners will also find that music greatly increases their ability to achieve deep relaxation.  Choose your music wisely.  You may also want to find someone who has a particularly soothing voice (such as your mother or partner) to record the scripts for you, rather than listening to them on the CD’s given to you in your class.

Kinesthetic learners (I am in this category) need to choose scripts that make references to feeling and movement.  Look for phrases that describe you walking, rocking, or dipping into a pool of water.  Your own movements during labor will increase the power of these types of scripts and help you achieve deep relaxation.  Kinesthetic learners also find their partner or doula very helpful when using techniques such as light touch massage or hip presses.  You will most likely be in an out of many different positions during your labor, and this is good because it will work for your kinesthetic mind.

If you have any experiences that relate to any of these categories, please post in a comment!

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