The Importance of a Natural Third Stage

A great article, with references, talking about why delayed cord clamping/cutting and natural delivery of the placenta are so important. There’s some very interesting and eye-opening stuff in here!

Read it here.

Two things I found especially interesting:

One thing that care providers who are against delayed cord cutting usually say to convince mothers to let them cut the cord right after birth is that delayed cord cutting can cause jaundice. This article addresses that, and it was interesting to read that there really aren’t any negative effects of jaundice. It is normal for infants to be a bit jaundiced for a few days after birth and unless levels are extremely high, it is not a cause for concern. I had to take Harrison to the hospital for a jaundice prick test three different times since he was born out of the hospital, and he didn’t end up needing any treatment. I think I’m going to skip the painful pricks next time and tell my doc thanks, but no thanks.

Another thing I found interesting was that stress and anxiety disorders in adulthood have been found to be linked with management of the third stage of labor. Doesn’t really surprise me, but still sad since it’s almost always preventable. If I could wave my magic wand and change one thing about birth in America, it would be to require doctors and nurses to leave mom and baby the he** alone after birth!!! (That’s my two bits, anyway. :)) I’d love to hear your comments! Did you have a managed or natural third stage? How did it affect you and your baby after birth?


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