“My husband and I were so blessed to take Fiona’s HypnoBirthing class. We learned so much in each session, and what we learned helped us to bond with each other and with our unborn baby.

All of the materials Fiona had to offer from the books to the CDs to the scripts and other written materials were incredibly helpful to us. My labor with our first son was long and complicated, and I was able to get through the 24+ hours of labor (even with Pitocin, which many attribute to more painful contractions and labor) peacefully and gently as a direct result of taking her class. Even when medically an epidural became necessary in the very end, having the tools and skills to calm myself to make a decision I was reluctant to make, and being able to make the decision from a place of calm, was invaluable.

I don’t regret taking her class for a minute. It was well worth it despite having a complicated birth that required interventions I hadn’t planned for. Not only did it get me through a very long labor (and most of it without medication), it helped us bond with our baby and each other before birth, during birth, and even after. When breastfeeding or mothering became difficult, I was able to draw on the things I learned in Fiona’s class and get through physical pain and emotional stress. I felt so empowered going into the birthing experience armed with all the knowledge I’d received. I’m still benefiting from the class.

I would personally recommend taking this class rather than trying to study HypnoBirthing generally. The resources and materials Fiona was able to give to us were vital to our experience. And her prices are so economical, it’s more than worth it. I am so thankful and have no regrets.”
-Lola Copeland

“Fiona’s HypnoBirthing class was extremely helpful for me. I am the type of person who likes facts. Coming to class and hearing about documented case studies and watching videos of actual mothers giving birth was incredibly reassuring to me. Now I feel that I can face my upcoming birth with confidence knowing for a fact that so many other women have done it. I have seen it, I have read the proof. It isn’t just an idea- it really can work!

Thank you, Fiona :)”
-Cyndi Hampshire

“Just months before my first child was born I enrolled in Fiona Judd’s Hypnobirthing class, graciously paid for by my sister who believes very firmly in it, and recognize it as the most effective class to prepare for labor. My husband and I went once a week for several weeks and the information we learned was invaluable as I was able to use the knowledge I learned there to ease my nerves regarding childbirth. So often you hear people tell you how unbearably painful labor is, but how can that be when before epidural or other modern drugs became available women bearably bore multiple children? Hynobirthing opened our eyes to just that.

At the beginning of the course we learned the just how exactly the female body responds to labor – what is going on in there. It was such an eye-opener when we discovered the powerful influence relaxation could have during the responses. Everything made sense. Your body is stressed. What do you do when you are in stress? Relax. But it is not that easy if you are not prepared. This class taught me how to relax (yes, it takes practice) so that during the periods when my body was in stress during labor I could ease the tension and pressure. There really is no need to be scared when approaching childbirth. It is what our bodies are made to do. It can be the most beautiful, spiritual experience of your life and taking this class helped make it that for me and my husband.”
-Carrie Holladay

“Fiona’s Hypnobirthing classes were very helpful to me. She helped prepare me for what I wanted, a wonderful, natural childbirth. Those classes were worth every penny. I know that price covered the materials for the class and the updated Hypnobirthing information that Fiona taught us but it gave me the peace of mind I needed to have a natural birth also. I appreciated knowing that my Hypnobirthing teacher cared enough about us to continue her instructor education.”
-Gretchen Walker

“My husband and I learned a great deal from Fiona’s HypnoBirthing class. After having an epidural with the birth of our first child I knew I wanted to experience labor and delivery differently the next time around. I wanted a more normal and natural birthing experience. It was so worth our time and money to learn from a certified HypnoBirthing instructor. I have delivered two babies since taking the class. I had to be induced early both times for medical issues but both times I delivered healthy babies without an epidural or any other pain medication. My labors and deliveries were a pleasant and beautiful experience thanks to the knowledge we gained in her class!”
-Melissa Curtis