Here are links to many other resources that may assist you in your goals for a comfortable, natural birth. Some of these are things I may have mentioned in class, and others I have happened upon and added here in case there is an interest.


Birth Animation

Here is the link to the birth animation video on YouTube. This is a great visualization tool for you to use. Picture your baby doing this perfect birth dance!

Vaginal Birth Animation


Depthometer Script

Some have asked for the wording I used in class for the Depthometer Script. It’s a little vague in the book. Here is the paragraph I used in class. It starts you off with the countdown, and then you continue on your own.

And now that you have brought yourself into this wonderfully comfortable stat, Picture, in your mind’s eye, that within your body is a large, soft, flexible inverted thermometer. The bulb of the thermometer is just above your forehead and within the bulb is a clear fluid of natural, numbing relaxation–your body’s own natural relaxant. There are 40 gradations on the thermometer. As I count down from 40 to 39, 38, etc. picture the fluid of relaxation gently flowing down from one number to the next, with each number bringing you deeper and deeper into relaxation. You will feel a deep relaxation gradually saturating your body as the fluid fills the space in the tube. As I reach each decade on the thermometer–30, 20, 10, and 0–you will double your relaxation and reach a new, deeper level. Beginning to count now–40…39…38…37…36…35…deeper and still deeper…34…33…32…31…30…and now doubling your relaxation…29…28…27…26…25…going even deeper… (etc. down to zero)


Fiona’s Birth Preferences Sheets

(These are for examples, but feel free to use any wording that you like!) To download, just click on the link and save to your computer.

birth-preferences Kaisa

Birth Preferences Sheet Everett

Birth Preferences Sheet #3


Positions for Labor and Birth

(These are the photos I showed you in class of other positions using the hospital bed, birth ball, chairs, and floor)






























Progressive Relaxation

(If you like this technique, here is a pretty detailed script you can use)











Waterfall Script (another script I really like)