Refresher Course

For those who have used HypnoBirthing® before and want to refresh their skills before doing it again, I recommend signing up for a refresher course.

I called my first instructor, Monica, a couple of weeks ago to see what she recommended.  She didn’t have a class starting until January, but gave me the name of another instructor she knows.  She said it is often beneficial to take your refresher course from someone else, so you get even more insights and experiences and see another person’s side of things.

I promptly called the other instructor, Summer, and she had a class starting that night!  I was able to sign up for all 4 classes again for only $50, much less than the first class (of course, you already have all the materials and refresher course prices will differ by area and instructor).  So far, it’s been really great to take the classes again and re-learn the skills and techniques.  I practiced and prepared myself a lot before my first birth, and I needed this to push myself to prepare again.  I think with the second baby I have just assumed it will be easier because that’s what everyone says, but I still need to be as prepared as I was with my first!

In addition to re-taking Hypnobirthing, I went to the local library and checked out a few books on hypnosis.  I also found one on another method called the Leclaire method, which is also a natural-childbirth-using-hypnosis method.  It seems to be very similar, just not as involved as Hypnobirthing.  I’ll post any additional book recommendations after I’ve finished reading them.   I’m hoping to expand my knowledge of hypnosis even further and use that to achieve even deeper relaxation during labor this time.

If you have any recommendations for preparing for second (or third…or fourth…etc.) hypnobirths, please leave a comment!

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