Purely HypnoBirthing

This post is directed at anyone who is considering HypnoBirthing in Utah County. Obviously, you have several options as far as your instructor and location. This is wonderful! This means that there are opportunities available for any couple who wishes to take the class.

As you choose a HypnoBirthing class, remember this: HypnoBirthing is HypnoBirthing, pure and simple. HypnoBirthing is ENOUGH. You don’t need extra stuff added in to make it better (that’s how we got Hypnobabies…LOL)! ¬†Just be aware of this issue and know that I teach the original HypoBirthing method, the way it was intended to be taught–nothing more, nothing less. Marie Mongan wrote an extremely detailed syllabus for this course, and I follow it pretty much exactly. That’s what I agreed to when I signed the HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator contract, and I proudly wear “HBCE” after my name knowing that I am representing HypnoBirthing honestly.

If you are interested in learning other techniques in addition to HypnoBirthing, that is your own¬†prerogative. I, personally, don’t think it’s really necessary, but you are always welcome to do that. I can give you a couple of references where you can find additional information, or you could always hire a doula who is trained in other methods besides HypnoBirthing. I feel that this is the best way to supplement your HypnoBirthing class.



  1. THANK YOU Fiona! It is sooo wonderful to have practitioners who conduct their HypnoBirthing business with integrity and class. I will refer to you anytime!

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