Pregnancy Ramblings

Instead of posting this on our family blog, I decided to post it here. I think there are many readers of our family blog that would rather not read about pregnancy details. 🙂

This pregnancy (my second) has been different in several ways. First of all, I was sick in the late evenings rather than the morning. I started calling my 11pm snack my “fourth meal.” If I didn’t eat it, I woke up sick in the middle of the night and had to eat crackers in bed! Morning sickness wore off right around the second trimester, as it did with Kaisa, but then I had some other interesting things begin.

As my baby bump appeared, I started to feel pulling and stretching in my stomach that I didn’t have with my first. I also had two distinct areas on either side of my abdomen that were tender to the touch. I was worried that it might be something wrong with my ovaries, but my midwife said it was totally normal. I think my uterus is not quite as fit this time, which worries me…what will it be like when I’m pregnant with #4 or #5?

I got in the water (doing water aerobics at the local fitness center) earlier in the pregnancy this time, and it has really paid off. I feel less tired, have less cramping in my legs, less hemorrhoids and less back pain. I highly recommend water aerobics classes to any pregnant woman!

I am also carrying this baby a bit higher (I think it’s because it’s a boy, but who knows?) and as a result am shorter of breath. I am hoping that he will drop soon so I can breathe easier again.

One other things that I’ve had this pregnancy are abdominal cramping and braxton-hicks contractions. I guess I had them with my daughter, but not nearly as severe. I couldn’t even feel them with her. This time, I feel my braxton-hicks very often and sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night with what feels like a charlie horse on one side of my abdomen. I think this might all be related to my uterus not being as strong, but I’m not sure. Maybe my body just knows what it’s doing now and is getting geared-up for labor early on.

Overall, I have had a very healthy second pregnancy and really can’t complain (much). 🙂 I passed my glucose test with flying colors once again, have no swelling to speak of, and have been able to be fully functional (with a toddler!) so far. Only 4 more weeks to go!

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