Mother’s Circle This Week – Home Birth

At Mother’s Circle this week we will be discussing home birth. We will look at some of the statistics and try to dispel some of the myths and correct some of the stigmas associated with home birth. I have two AMAZING women coming to speak and share their experiences. Here is a little about them:

Kerynne Porter Vance – Kerynne is my aunt and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She was born and raised in Arizona. She is married to Lyle and they are the parents of three. She is currently a teacher, and she is completing coursework to apply to graduate school for clinical social work. She teaches 8 students, ages 6 to 10, part-time at a private home-school co-operative. With the help of her husband and a midwife, she delivered her third child at home, in Mesa, Arizona, in 1994. Her sister-in-law, who was training to be a midwife, assisted with the delivery. She advocates home births.

April Rosenthal – April is the daughter of Launi Anderson, another HypnoBirthing instructor in the area. Her passion is quilting; she has been doing it for over 10 years and has even turned it into a successful business, Prairie Grass Patterns. Quilting became a therapeutic activity for her as she struggled with infertility over the first 5 years of her marriage, but she eventually got pregnant with twins and gave birth to them at home. I’m excited to hear more about her experience!

If you are interested in home birth, or just want to come listen in on an interesting discussion with other young mothers, please come to Mother’s Circle this Friday at 10 a.m. at my home! Just as a reminder, nursing babies under 1 are welcome but please make other arrangements for older children. Email me at if you have questions or need the address. I look forward to seeing you! Bring a friend if you can!

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