Melissa’s Birth Story

I just wanted to share this beautiful birth story from one of my recent students.

Thank you so much for the wonderfull classes they were very enjoyable and a great help.  I had a wonderful birth experience thanks to hypnobirthing. I really enjoyed listening to the birthing affirmations while pregnant because sadly we have forgotten that our bodies were made to give birth! I felt that really helped me to have confidence. During my labor I enjoyed listening to relaxing music of my choice (Enya) and used all of the breathing I learned in class and in reading. Even though I had special circumstances I was still able to labor and deliver without the use of any pain medication. I developed Cholestasis while pregnant and since there was a high chance of having a stillborn if you wait to deliver full term so they are usually delivered at 36-37 weeks.  It was safer for baby to come early so I felt good about going ahead with induction at 37 weeks. I had just started cholestasis symptoms at close to 36 weeks so I felt fortunate because some develop it earlier in the last trimester or end of second trimester.  On Feb. 7th I was given oxytocin (pitocin) at about 1:45 P.M. I was already dialated to 3cm and about 70% effaced ( I feel like my body new this baby needed to come early) my midwife broke my water (I cant think of the nicer term) at about 4:00 P.M I labored for awhile and after a couple of strong surges I had decied it might be nice to labor in the tub (I delivered at Mt Timpanogos). The nurses were getting the tub ready and I was getting ready to get in when I felt a great pressure and after being checked It was time for pushing (or breathing the baby out) so I never got to labor in the tub but that is ok it just happened so fast and after pushing through a few surges baby Miles Colin Curtis was born at 6:48 P.M. he was 5 lb 14 oz, 18 inches. It feels good to know that even if you have special circumstances and have to be induced you can still have a calmer more peaceful birth experience with hypnobirthing!

Another beautiful birth story, thanks to the HypnoBirthing method!  See my classes page for more info on registration.

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