Melanie’s First Birth: Unmedicated Hospital Birth with Midwives

I have another birth story for you! It was so exciting to get texts from this couple while they were in labor! I’m happy everything went well and that they got the birth they planned!

22 hours!! Holy cow it was amazing. My water broke at 11:30am Monday, I took a shower, called my gf and timpanogos to let them know I was coming. I was cramping at that time, but nothing bad. I got started on fluids and antibiotics when I got there. Matt came from work, we had all our hypnobirthing things with us. I was still only a 2 at 6pm, the midwife was insisting on pitocin, that’s about the time I texted you. We used the breast pump and the surges got stronger and stronger but she still was pushing pitocin. Thankfully, her shift was done at 8 and I got an amazing midwife! She encouraged me to use the breast pump one more time then shed check again. At this point, Matt was coaching me through my breathing and I was moaning! Man there’s nothing like labor! She checked me about 10pm and I was a tight 4. The surges lasted throughout the night and become more and more intense. I stopped leaking fluids about 3ish, they were low to begin with and that’s when I was getting extremely restless! But I knew what I had to do. Matt was so wonderful, he stayed so calm and was so encouraging! 🙂
I got in the tub for about 30 min, but nothing helped take the edge off. I knew I needed to relax, we tried several different positions and they used counter pressure and pressed on my hips. I was finally a 10 about 6 and the midwife wanted me to push. I asked for the bar that goes over the bed and tried to relax and have her descend. That was so exhausting!! I could barely hold myself up.

I started pushing shortly after that and did so until she was born at 9:13 🙂
I got a new midwife at 8am and she was amazing too. It was Michelle grubb. I had a mirror, that was amazing. Michelle put a glove on my hand so I could feel her head before she started to crown, that helped me keep going.

When her head came out Michelle told me to reach down and get my baby! I pulled her to my chest. That was the most amazing moment of my life!

I did tear internally, and I’m still healing from that. But brynlee is perfect. I would not have had such a wonderful birth experience without your class and your help! You’re so great Fiona! Thank you for everything you taught Matthew and I. He is one proud and happy daddy 🙂

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