McKay-Dee Hospital Offering HypnoBirthing

This is so exciting to me, I can’t even contain it!

Finally, a hospital is realizing that medical interventions should not be the norm when it comes to birthing.  McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden is now offering HypnoBirthing® classes along with a natural birth suite to their patients.

In the video, they mention that the epidural rate was up to 97% four years ago.  Hopefully, this will bring that percentage down significantly!

Now I just need to get my local hospitals on board.  I would love to be able to teach HypnoBirthing classes in the hospitals.  Many hospitals are starting to accommodate natural births, and I feel it’s time to start offering natural birth education for their patients as well!

For the article and video, click here to visit the news video.


  1. Roxanna Maurer says:

    How exciting!

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