My Happy Place

HypnoBirthing® uses imagery to achieve deep relaxation during labor. When I first started practicing hypnosis, I listened to the pre-recorded scripts that were given to us in class, but soon I wanted something more. I wanted to create my own special place that I could escape to in my mind while I was in labor, a place that no one else could find but me. Slowly, I created that place.

In order to find my happy place, I needed to let go of the pre-recorded scripts and just listen to music. I purchased two relaxation CD’s—Liquid Mind V and Comfort Zone. I would just breath and relax my body first, and then just let my mind open and see where I ended up. Because I had images from different scripts still floating in my head, the place that I created is a mix of all of them. My happy place is an island, somewhere in the tropics, where it is warm but the breeze is cool. I have a small beach cabana with sheer white curtains that blow in the breeze, and on my cabana is the most comfortable white chair I have ever sat in. I use this place to relax my body initially. I picture the sun’s rays touching my body and moving down from my head to my feet, warming and relaxing it.

Once I feel completely limp, I am ready to go deeper. The cabana has several steps leading down to a pathway. I take the stairs one by one, going deeper with each step. I walk along a path that leads into a lush, green forest. The sounds of the ocean fade as I hear birds chirp and other life stir. This forest is calming, magical. As I walk along my soft green forest ground, I finally see a waterfall in the distance. I can hear it softly trickle into a beautiful pond. As I reach the edge of the pond, I sense that this water is healing. I slowly lower my body into the water, and as I do I go deeper. My body floats in the warm, healing water and soaks up whatever it needs at that moment. The waterfall lets out a fine mist around me that changes all the colors of the rainbow. I stay there as long as I need to.

What’s your Happy Place?

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