Delayed Cord Cutting

I am currently doing my homestudy for birthing basics in preparation to become certified to teach HypnoBirthing®. In the DVD, the RN teaching the course talked about delayed cord cutting. She said it is one of the biggest struggles she has in the medical world.

Despite the fact that research has shown it is extremely beneficial to the infant to wait for the cord to stop pulsating before clamping/cutting it, most doctors will not wait. The main reason? They are in a hurry.  I almost wanted to cry when I heard that.  It just goes to show how the medical world views the childbirth process.  To them, it is simply a process that is to be completed as quickly as possible.  If labor slows, administer Pitocin.  If dilation doesn’t occur at a fast enough rate, perform a c-section.  The list goes on.

I would encourage all HypnoBirthing moms to fight for delayed cord cutting in their births.  Allow your baby the benefit of the additional nourishment it will receive during those first few minutes after birth.  Show your care providers that hurrying through the birth process is not acceptable to you.  Together we can make a change!

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