Choosing a Care Provider

I attribute most of my successful HypnoBirth to choosing the right care provider. I chose to use the midwives at Mount Timpanogos Women’s Health Care in Pleasant Grove, UT. These midwives feel strongly that a woman knows best when it comes to giving birth, and they listen to what you want and help you achieve your perfect birth.

I worried about whether or not the hospital staff and nurses would really follow what was on my birth preferences sheet. After all, some of the things were probably very uncommon for a hospital birth. From the moment I checked in, I sensed that the nurses knew and respected my midwife and were familiar with how her patients liked to birth. They never once crossed me in anything I wanted. Claudia (my midwife) was wonderful—I could tell that she had read my preferences and was familiar with them when I arrived. She brought things up that I was too out-of-it to remember! What doctor does that? My hat goes off to the wonderful midwives at Mt. Timp, especially Claudia. Thanks for helping me have my perfect birth!

When choosing your own care provider, look for someone who will cater to your needs, not the other way around. Meet with them and discuss how they feel about things like birth preferences, natural birth, episiotomies, and fetal monitoring. Make sure that they will stand up for you at the hospital and see that your preferences are carried out as much as possible. You will be glad you did!

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