Gift Card Promotion!

My next class is starting one week from tonight, Feb. 4th, at BetterBirth in Orem. I currently do not have…
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Liesel’s First Birth: Early Labor During my Class, Squatting with Epidural

Here is another birth story from one of my couples! This mom had surges that were super strong and close…
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My Best Friend’s…Birth Story

Today I get to share the birth story of one of my best friends, Alicia. We grew up together. She…
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November Mother’s Circle: Rethinking the Pelvic Floor

Join the Mother’s Circle, a free support group for pregnant women and new mothers! Next topic: Rethinking the Pelvic Floor…
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Holly’s Birth: Calm, peaceful 5-hour labor despite medically necessary induction

 What a great story! This couple prepared so well for their birth that they were able to have a short,…
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HypnoBirthing Basics

Stumbled across this little video today. It’s a great summary of what you’ll learn in HypnoBirthing!