Another Hypnosis Read

I just finished reading “Discovering The Power of Self-Hypnosis” by Stanley Fisher.  I found this book somewhat helpful in preparing for my HypnoBirth, but even more so in using hypnosis on a daily basis to improve my life.  He is an experienced hypnotherapist and gives many many examples of how he has seen patients change something in their lives they don’t like using self hypnosis.  He also talks a lot about how it can be used to prepare for and heal from major surgeries such as bypass and hysterectomy.

The final chapter in the book is all about creating your own personal hypnosis exercise.  I really like that he included this, because as I was reading I kept thinking how simple it would be to do what he was doing for patients.  Sure enough, he lays it all out for you so that you don’t even need to go see a hypnotherapist.  His exercises are shorter than the “scripts” we use in HypnoBirthing®, only 90 seconds (though he does say that you can do it longer if you like) but he recommends doing the exercises several times a day.  Basically, this is how you come up with your exercise (my personal exercise is in italics):

Think of what it is in your life you want to change.  Negative thoughts about birth, having a negative birthing experience.

Establish your motivation for changing.  Why do you want to achieve this?  I know that my body is capable of a calm, positive birthing and I want to provide that for myself and my baby.  I want to do what is best for my body and my baby.  I want to look back on my birth with happy memories.  I want to achieve even deeper relaxation during this birth than I did during my first.

Use whatever relaxation technique you prefer to go into a “trance state.”  His involves eye tiring, then picturing yourself floating down through the chair.  I like to use progressive relaxation.  Picture a series of screens in front of you.  On one screen, project any image you think of that relates to your problem.  I am worried I haven’t done enough preparation for this birth, and I see myself losing control.

Place any negative images on a screen to the left.  Place any positive images on a screen to the right.  I take that worry and loss of control and move it to the left screen.  It disappears into the background.  I put the image of me birthing my son on the right screen and watch my birth play out calmly.  I am totally relaxed; my body and my baby work together perfectly to bring him to me.  I see my husband and I embracing our child seconds after he is born, we are all happy and healthy.

You can remain in this trance state as long as you like, until you feel you have worked through everything you need to that day.

I find this to be very effective when I practice my hypnosis.  I like to picture my birth playing out just as I want it, and I feel I am communicating with my body in a very powerful way when I do this.  Those of you who are looking for supplemental reading for your HypnoBirth, or just want some good reading on self-hypnosis, should definitely check out “Discovering the Power of Self-Hypnosis.”

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